When Anxiety and Depression Join Forces

There is no doubt that the chances of suffering depression are higher if you have an anxiety disorder. The greatest risk is if you have panic disorder: You are 6 times more likely to become depressed. Read more »

Books on Anxiety: What Makes a Good Read?

A quick search using "anxiety self help" on returns over 5,600 results. Granted, there are usually several formats and editions of the same title (paperback, kindle, etc), but it does give an inkling of the sheer number of books that have been written to help people with anxiety. Read more »

Does Counseling Work for Anxiety?

If you go to your doctor for anxiety, besides prescribing pills you are likely to be referred to counseling. This will often take place within the GP practice (free on the NHS if you live in the UK), although you could equally well contact a private counselor if you wish. But does counseling work Read more »


Anxiety & Personality?

Have you ever wondered whether your anxiety is somehow built into your personality or 'just the way you are'? There may be some truth in it. Psychologists have known for the larger part of a century that certain personalities are high on a trait called neuroticism, characterized by anxiety, fear, moodiness, worry Read more »


Are Hypnosis Shows Real?

Are hypnosis shows real, or are the participants actors, stooges just playing a part? Many of you will have seen one or more episodes of You're Back in the Room - the ITV game show in which participants perform bizarre behaviors whilst supposedly under hypnosis. Then there is Simon Cowell being hypnotized by 'Hypnodog' Read more »

Anxiety in Older People

Anxiety in the later years is a significant problem, with many older people becoming anxious for the first time. These 'new onset' anxiety disorders typically present during menopause (or andropause), shortly following retirement, as part of a medical condition, or after family members have died or moved away. Read more »


Dealing With Health Anxiety

In this article I'm going to be dealing with health anxiety, also known as hypochondria - a highly distressing form of preoccupation and worry over bodily functions, symptoms and illness. Read more »

Treating Anxiety With Natural Supplements

The popular view among complementary therapists and some of the general public is that modern medicines are not a good option for anxiety sufferers - they do not address the root of the problem and come riddled with adverse side effects.  Read more »

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