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According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) for 2014, 62% of adults in England were overweight, with 28% classified as obese. Many more children and adolescents are also affected than in past generations. Being overweight takes a huge toll on a person's life both physically and emotionally. In addition to the well known health risks, the cultural rejection of excess fat mean that a high number of people suffer low self esteem and loss of confidence because of their weight. And yet feel powerless to change.

This is because most overweight people have tried over long periods to lose weight through dieting or exercise, only to find that it has not worked in the longer term. What should be simple - eat less and burn more calories - turns out to be anything but simple.

Many overweight people know all they need to know about right nutrition but they find they just can't stick to it for more than a short time, or not at all.

One of the reasons for this is that past evolution has seen to it that our brains are rewarded by consuming high calorie foods. This was highly adaptive in times when food was scarce and sometimes not available. In our modern world of plenty (at least in the West) our brains still respond in the same way so that we tend to continue eating well in excess of our physical needs.

Over and above this, however, is the fact that we are the only species in the living world that has learned to eat emotionally.

People who comfort eat or feel "addicted" to food have become subconsciously conditioned to use the natural brain reward of high calorie foods to change the way they feel emotionally. It is the reason that you eat, not just when you are physically hungry, but also when you are bored, lonely, anxious or depressed. Over time this becomes a difficult habit to break.

But it is also the key to how to solve the problem of controlling your weight long term. If you only diet and exercise, but do nothing to address the emotional void or need in your life, you are always likely to fall back into overeating again when your will power runs out of steam. But if you change your emotional relationship with food, then you will only want to eat when you physically need to eat, and even a mediocre level of self discipline will be more than enough to stick to a healthful diet.

The best thing about this is that, not only will you feel and look great, but you will actually learn to enjoy and feel rewarded by eating nutritionally healthy foods - without all the guilt that comes afterwards.

I can offer you a relatively short course of therapy to help you lose weight and gain confidence in the longer term. If you have read anything on this page that you feel relates to you then do take advantage of the free consultation I offer to find out whether I could help you.

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