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We have now completed the fourth internal audit of client outcomes bringing us up to March 2015. There has been no selection: 431 clients treated since January 2008, who attended more than one appointment for any reason except to stop smoking (see Stop Smoking Therapy for a statement on this), are included. All outcomes are honestly based on both my own professional impressions and actual feedback from clients. We are highly pleased with the results.
  • No. clients: 431 (excludes clients seen only once and anti-smoking therapy)
  • No. sessions conducted: 3589
  • Average no. sessions (excluding 5 unusual cases): 7.7
  • No. clients who completed an adequate course of treatment: 301 or 70%
  • No. clients who were judged professionally to have dropped out too early: 130 or 30% (note that no one was considered an early drop out who had attended at least 8 sessions)

Reasons for coming to therapy: 

Vast majority - stress, anxiety disorders, loss of confidence, relationship stress, depression, emotional problems, psychosomatic symptoms, obsessional states, and eating disorders. 90% of clients had been suffering for a period of greater than 6 months, usually much longer.
  • No. clients for whom hypnotherapy and counselling at our practice was the only method of treatment: 315 or 73% (not including a few receiving miscellaneous complementary therapies)
  • No. clients who also received some form of medication from a doctor: 116 or 27%


37 (8.5%) outcomes were unknown (mostly early drop outs or when short treatments were given for phobias and the benefit could not be assessed before the end of therapy).

Of the known outcomes for all clients who completed their treatment (N=291):
278 or 96% felt better

Break down:

Much better or completely better: 204 or 70%
Partly better: 62 or 21%
A little better: 12 or 4%
Did not benefit: 13 or 4%

Impressively, even of the known outcomes for early drop-outs (N=103), 80 or 78% still improved (showing mainly small or partial improvement).


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