Obsessional States

Obsessional states are related to anxiety and personality. Both involve a recurrent preoccupation with one or other situation that is a source of anxiety to the sufferer. The most common obsessional states seen in our practice are death, health concerns (hypochondria), insecurity or jealousy in relationships, and body image or food.

Sometimes obsessions are perceived as unwanted thoughts or images that keep intruding into your awareness no matter how much you dislike or try to stop them. Compulsions are repetitive behaviours and rituals some people develop to neutralise their obsessions. A simple example is someone who needs to recheck the front door lock more than several times before leaving the house each day.

Intrusive obsessive thoughts trigger anxiety, guilt or disgust (otherwise why try to stop them?) Anxiety becomes very apparent if the sufferer is prevented from carrying out their rituals. When the symptoms are severe it is called obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). NB: If you are suffering from severe OCD please speak to your doctor, as well as coming to see me.

It is important to realise that, for some people, being obsessive is part of their nature; it cannot be eliminated entirely. However, by reducing anxiety, the obessive tendency can be lessened and then channelled positively into worthwhile activities and goals.

I offer a program that will help you reduce the anxiety that drives the obsessive state, give proper understanding of your nature and personality, and help you to positively channel your mental energy into achieving the best from life.
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