Important: Depression is a serious illness. If you are feeling very low or feeling suicidal please contact your doctor, as well as coming to see me. This page is intended for general information purposes and not for self diagnosis or self treatment. I may need to work with you under the advice of your doctor.

Depression is characterised by long periods of sadness, feeling down, dejected and hopeless. Of course, these can be normal reactions to certain situations (especially loss), but in depression there is either no reason to feel this way, or your reaction is out of proportion and lasting too long.

Energy and motivation become markedly reduced with an inability to gain pleasure from things previously enjoyed. You will typically withdraw from activity and people, or else struggle through the day by force of will. Life feels meaningless and ideas of suicide may present.

Feelings of guilt and low self esteem usually accompany depression. Some sufferers become agitated and anxious, and may suffer panic attacks, phobias and obsessions that go away when the depression is treated. Others may become almost completely unresponsive and show signs of slowed thinking.

Severe depression is accompanied by physical signs, including insomnia (especially early waking), sleeping too much, reduced appetite, reduced libido and slowed digestion.

Solution-focused Therapy, CBT and Cognitive Hypnotherapy often help to lift depression. Therefore I may be able to help you if you are feeling depressed. For some sufferers the best results are obtained with a combination of effective therapy and prescribed medication. All of the therapies I use to help depression work well with medication. Ultimately it doesn't matter how you get better; my interest is only that you do get better.

If you suffer from depression it is naturally difficult to do very much to help yourself. Do take the first step by contacting me, your doctor, or both, so that you can be helped to enjoy life again.
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