Relationship Problems

It is invariable that any significant psychological problem will affect your close relationships (even friendships), and you will not necessarily be aware of it. Alternatively, it may be the relationship that "brings it out" so that you decide to seek help.

The following problems are very common:

Shyness, lack of confidence, low self worth, always chose the 'wrong type', insecurity, difficulty feeling lovable, communication issues, obsessive jealousy, excessive neediness, sexual difficulties, sexual obsession/addiction, cannot stay faithful, intimacy avoidance, cannot commit, cannot end a wrong relationship.

Beware of this common myth!

Anxiety that arises only or primarily in relationships (which I now call 'attachment anxiety') cannot usually be fixed without reference to the relationship. In other words, it is a myth that you can cure this type of anxiety purely by yourself (e.g. stop being insecure, stop reacting, be self reliant, etc). It is normal and natural to depend, at least to some degree, on the partner we become attached to. We then cannot prevent their behaviour from affecting us. This does not always mean you need to have couple therapy, but it does mean understanding and applying a rather different approach compared to most other types of anxiety.

Hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and relationship counselling can help you overcome all of the above problems, and set you on the road to being genuinely happy. The principle is really the same as with any emotional problem, except that in a relationship there is another person to consider!

If a relationship has ended I can also teach you both the Warrior/Settler/Nomad personality model and an 'attachment styles' model, along with other valuable information to help you to make a happier choice next time. Even within a problematic relationship these approaches can often make for positive change.
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